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The Forex Market

April 7th, 2014

While the New York Stock Exchange gets most of the attention, as does the Dow Jones, there are several other markets that people can look to in order to make money on investments. One such market, that most don’t trade in, is the FOREX market. FOREX, which stands for Foreign Exchange Market, involves the trading of currencies. The main participants within this market tends to be large banks that span international borders. The FOREX actually determines the values of different currencies and has a huge impact on our lives in terms of economics.

The FOREX market works through financial institutions, operating on different levels. Banks, behind the scenes, work with dealers who are involved in huge amounts of foreign exchange trading. Most dealers are banks, and as a result the behind-the-scenes market is called an interbank market. That doesn’t meant that only banks are involved. Other financial firms and insurance companies are involved.

Trades between dealers can be quite huge, often reaching millions of dollars in size. FOREX helps with international trade because it allows for the conversion of currencies. For example, this allows businesses within the United States to import goods from the European Union, despite the two entities using completely different currencies. The European states pay in Euros, while the United States reports it as dollars in their income.

The modern FOREX market emerged in the 1970s after three decades of restrictions by governments around the world. As countries began to move to floating exchange rates, things began to change and the market was born in its current version.

The FOREX market is unique for several reasons including the fact that it has a huge trading volume that represents the largest asset class on the planet. There is also a huge amount of geographic dispersion. The market runs 24 hours a day, except on weekends, and it has low margins of relative profit.

So, how much is actually traded? Here is just a brief idea of the huge amounts of money that go through the FOREX market. According to the Bank of International Settlements, roughly $5.3 trillion per day is traded, up from $4 trillion only three years previous and $3.3 trillion six years previous. According to the same organization, the daily turnover in global foreign exchange markets is as high as $3.98 trillion, a growth of 20 per cent over 2007. This breaks down to $1.49 trillion in spot transactions, $475 billion in outright forwards, $1.765 trillion in foreign exchange swapping. $207 billion in options and $43 billion in currency swaps.

The top currency trader in the world is Deutsche Bank, which has a 15.18 per cent market share. This is followed by Citi Bank at 14.9 per cent, Barclays Investment Bank at 10.24 per cent, UBS AG at 10.11 per cent and HSBC at 6.93 per cent. In the top ten currency traders, the United States has four banks, followed by two banks in the United Kingdom and two banks in Switzerland.

Generally, individuals do not trade in the FOREX market but they can earn money through their pension funds. The entire FOREX market is actually divided into different access levels. The top level is the interbank level, which is where the largest commercial banks and dealers are. They account for 39 per cent of all transactions. Below this tier is the smaller banks, followed by the multi-national corporations who use the market to hedge risk and pay employees in different countries.

The next tier is the hedge funds traders, followed by some retail market makers. Pension funds, insurance companies and institutional investors are beginning to play a larger and larger role in the market since the early 2000s. A huge amount of growth was seen in this area from 2001 to 2004.

In terms of the most traded currencies, the United States dollar dominates with 87 per cent of the daily share, followed by the Euro at 33.4 per cent. The Japanese yen rounds out the top three with 23 per cent. Others in the top ten in terms of daily share includes the Pound sterling (11.8 per cent), Australian dollar (8.6 per cent), Swiss franc (5.2 per cent), Canadian dollar (4.6 per cent), Mexican peso (2.5 per cent), Chinese Yuan (2.2 per cent) and New Zealand dollar (2.0 per cent).

Today, the FOREX market plays a huge role in our world economics, allowing multinational companies to exist and be able to pay for goods and services in other countries, while also paying employees in other countries. In addition, it allows banks to transfer funds, which in turn allows individuals to transfer funds to friends, family and companies elsewhere in the world.

Counting Outs In Omaha

August 12th, 2013

In games like Hold’em and Omaha there are a few players who are able to count the outs properly. Other players do not consider counting outs and these are often the loose or loose aggressive players. Counting outs is often very difficult and this is one of the complex strategies which is used by the professional poker players. Other players do not even have a clue on what they need to calculate.

The correct procedure in counting outs is that a player should first of all analyze his or her hand and the hands that you will possibly play against. Many players fail to calculate their outs and the end result is that they tend to under estimate the power of their hand or call with hands that have very low effective outs.

Therefore, when counting outs, you should be able to analyze both your hand and your opponents so as to weight the power or strength of your hand. The other aspect in counting your outs effectively is that you should consider analyzing your opponents in the way they make their bets. Especially when playing Omaha hi-lo most opponents tend to reach to the river not because of bluffing but due to the fact that they will be aiming to win the pot with either the low hand or high hand.

When counting outs, you should be able to check if you do not have a good hand and also to check whether if your hand is able to improve to a good hand. Is the chance of winning the hand slim or large? Therefore, you would have to start counting the cards that can possibly develop your hand into a good hand. Even if the chances of improving your hand are as low as 10% you certainly have to put this into consideration.

For example, if you have made a calculation that on the flop there are possibly 10 cards that will improve your hand to a good hand then you will be able to judge your outs effectively to make a better draw. For instance, is you are holding J-10-9-X unsuited, and on the flop the community cards show Q-8-4 with two hearts. In your reasoning, there are a few cards that can improve your hand to a straight and at the same time developing a flush. In your calculation it will be that you have nine outs and your opponents have the possibility to make a straight draw.

According to the decisions made on the table you should be able to make adjustments. If your calculations were that you had 9 outs on the flop then your estimation would be that you can judge to have 7 or eight outs that will effectively improve your hand. If you estimate your opponents to have 13 or 14 outs then this would mean that there could be a redraw against you.

You also have to analyze your potential redraws. For example, if you are playing pot or no limit you are able to bet your opponents off their draws but if you are playing a limit game, your opponents will draw their bigger hand to the river.

Also when calculating your pot odds in Omaha Hi-Lo “or any split pot poker game” remember that if you are playing only the high or low hand that your pot odds are going to be half of the normal calculations made in a game like Holdem because you are only playing for half the pot. We’ll go further into pot odds for Omaha in another article though.

Thrilling gambling

March 31st, 2012

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This is just because of the modern internet technology that you never feel like going to a real casino, as now you can enjoy your desired gambling virtually by sitting in the full comfort of your home. So why waste time and money to go to a remote location where you may not find the poker or blackjack game you are looking for, when you can do all that with a few mouse clicks.

To conclude, there is no better way to enjoy gambling from the online casinos that offers extended amount of fun and entertainment with bulky amount of promos, perks and VIP Clubs. So, what are you still thinking about, it’s time to select an appealing online casino and start playing your favorite casino games today.

Back to Normal after a Losing Streak

December 2nd, 2011

Ah, how good it feels to be back to normal, after riding out the recent losing streak I blogged about a while ago. I do not think I am drinking as much these days. Life is good. I just took first place in a SNG tourney and it is time for bed but I felt some other drunk poker player might benefit from reading about my experiences.

We all have these runs of bad luck where we get beat by suckouts and or when our cards never seem to hit on the flop. After seeing suckout after suckout, it is tempting to deviate from your normal solid strategy. But don’t do it! Deviating froma solid poker strategy will simply prolong your losing streak and you will find yourself needlessly squandering your bankroll. Just ride it out and accept that this is a normal part of poker. It happens to all of us. It happens to the best of us. And, it passes.

Another thing related to bankroll is you should always try to get the best deals, such as rakeback deals, in order to improve your winnrate. Even if there is no party poker rakeback for example, these top rooms provide great VIP programs nowadays, which are equivalent to a rakeback system. In essence you get a good chunk of your rate back, and this can make many slightly losing players into profitable players.

Here is another good bit of advice for sit and go players. If you lose three games in a session, stop playing for the day. Maybe the cards just are not going your way. Sometimes losing streaks are very short and taking a break will help minimize your losses while increasing the probability that you will return to your winning ways during your next SNG session.

Leaving a session early is one of those things that require the most fortitude in poker. Don’t get me wrong: it is very hard, for me too. I think most people do not or cannot do that. But this is the difference between casual players and players who play to make money. If you are a casual player, then why would you leave early, after you logged in to have fun, even if you lose a bit. But if you are a serious player, you need to be in the right mental state to play your A game, and it is better to terminate losing sessions earlier than later.

My recent poker play

August 27th, 2011

I do not know what the hell is going on with this game. For some reason I just can’t seem to put together a decent number of sessions for a while. When I started playing this game on the $10 tables I wound up being up almost 20 stacks over about 10K hands.

Then I switched to the $25 tables, which to me don’t really seem like they play all that different. I got up to about 14 stacks there within 5K hands or so, managed to give them all back plus another 4 or 5 stacks on top of it in the next 5K hands. So as it stands right now at the $25 tables I can’t seem to get out of the hole (albeit a small one) I’m in. I have this pet peeve about seeing a negative at the level I am currently playing.

Guess I just have to study and play more, unfortunately there is really not a ton of discussion about Omaha in poker forums. Anyway tonight was another so so session, I played about 600 hands and lost a few bucks. It seemed like every time I won a decent pot I lost another one somewhere else.

Well it was kind of a slow night, not many tables seemed to want to stay together. Plus I am tired and did not feel like playing a ton of hands. Overall it was a decent session, I wound up with about a buy in and a half in 300-ish hands. This was one towards the beginning of the session to get thing off on the right foot. Also a reason I like this game because people will stack off relatively easily. I have got almost 12K hands in at the $25 tables now, along with about 10K hands at the $10 tables. If I do not see something worthwhile by the time I hit 20K hands I think I will go back to what I know best, grinding the limit holdem tables. Looking over my stats I do not think I am playing much different now than when I was playing the $10 tables, the only real difference is I am a tad snugger. However at the $10 tables I am around 17 PTBB/100. At the $25 tables I am still basically even. Well down 4 buy-ins but that’s no big deal. It is about the same if I were to play blackjack online.

Finally I had another break even session. I donked off a stack early on against a maniac. And by some miraculous twist of fate I got all in on the flop with top set later on against a guy for a stack and it held. Everything else in between was just filler. I decided to enjoy winning some hands when all the money went in for a change and call it quits. I probably won’t be playing for the next 2 weeks or so.

Annie Duke

November 23rd, 2012

Annie Duke grew up in a very competitive household in New Hampshire. She and her siblings, including Howard Lederer, spent a lot of time playing games of all sorts, including cards. Apparently, back in the day, Annie was not the best loser.

Expectations were high for Annie as she went off to college at Columbia University. A high-achiever, she double-majored in English literature and psychology, eventually getting interested in the field of psycholinguistics. She won a National Science Foundation Fellowship to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s graduate school. She threw herself into her studies with her characteristic dedication, but something was not quite right. She couldn’t really see a path for herself past graduate school and wasn’t sure that academia was really the place to her.

Annie ended up becoming ill and taking a leave from school a month before she was set to defend her dissertation. She knew that the leave would be permanent, but wasn’t quite sure what to do. She proposed to her boyfriend Ben, who accepted, and moved with him to Montana.

Things started to fall into place for Annie when her brother Howard invited her to watch the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. She had a go at the poker tables and realized it was something she enjoyed. After receiving some tips and money from her brother, she started playing in a smoky basement room in a bar in Montana.

After a year of playing in Montana, she and her husband packed their bags and moved to Las Vegas so Annie could pursue a career as a professional poker player. After ten years as a professional player, Annie is ranked in first place on the Women’s All-Time Money List. She supplements her poker income by consulting with a online casino gaming software company and teaching poker. One of her most famous students, Ben Affleck, recently won the 2004 California State Poker Championship.

Annie has an aggressive style of play. She’s a skilled reader and bluffer and is able to turn situations to her advantage. One situation she runs into a fair amount – men who become aggravated with her aggressive style.

From her humble poker beginnings in Montana, Annie has put together an impressive poker resume, including the following accomplishments:

· Career winnings of $4,274,795.
· One World Series of Poker bracelet.
· Won $2-million at the 2004 World Series of Poker Tournament of Championship.

Poker stakes

May 9th, 2011

Here is an interesting online poker scenario. You get off of work and decide to play a little poker, login to your account at and throw your money down. Now you know because you have read it in every book that the first thing to do when sitting at a new table is to play tight, and learn everything you can about your opponents right? Perfect.

So you sit tight, make some good out of position lay downs, pick up some information on a few players, and start to get a feel for the table. As you are doing this, you notice two or three players leave and their empty seats are filled with new players. A few minutes later, another player leaves and gets replaced.

About every five minutes, another player goes and another new player arrives. Before you know it, you are sitting at almost an entirely new table, with players you do not know anything about. In online poker, especially micro & low-stakes, there is a constant flow of traffic in and out of the rooms. It is something we like about the online game, but it can also cost us a lot of money. What do you do about it?

Well, in order to have any type of information about a player whom you’ve never seen before, you have to look first and foremost at the level you are playing. Would you not agree that the average player at a $.01/.02 NL hold’em game is less experienced and therefore less skillful than a player at a $2/$4 game? If you are a brand new player, what levels are you starting at…$10/$20? Not likely.

But, if you learn to play a good game and make some money aren’t you more likely to move up than if you lose every time you play? Of course, so we can then make the generalization that most players at higher limits have more experience and are more likely to be better players than those playing low-limits. This of course does not mean that everyone at the lower levels is a bad player.

To help us develop the proper stereotype, we have to understand two things about them. First, who are we playing against? Second, why are they playing, what are they trying to achieve? Many players will fit into more than one category. For example, a college student may also be new to the game. However, there are plenty of new players who are not in college.

A quick profiling is the way to go if you want to beat the micro-limits and move up in stakes

Online slots guide

January 30th, 2011

Casino slots basically refer to the machines used in a casino as well as the types of slots found in a slot machine.

Casino slots are popular as any player without special skills can play them very easily. The casino slot machines also allow the player to play the game at whatever speed they want to play. Casino slots have regularly changed over time since they were first seen in a casino. The main feature of a casino slot machine is its reel which displays a number of symbols. Of course the symbols on the slot machines found in different casinos will not be identical. Nowadays the slot machines found at online casinos are also referred as casino slots.

As the number of symbols on a slot machine increases it becomes more difficult for a player to get a winning combination. The simplest form of casino slots is known as single line slots. They basically consist of three reels and a single pay-line. This type of casino slots was introduced in the early 1900’s. People who managed to bag a winning combination were given small candies, gum and nickels as payoffs.

Multi line slots are the slots which have more than one pay-line. Usually these casino slots have a maximum of nine reels. Thus there can be forty pay-lines in such a case. But many multi-line slots can also use five reels and in such a slot machine the number of pay-lines will be up to twenty. Many casinos feature multi-line slots which offer additional features like bonus rounds and progressive jackpots.

If you are interested in getting a large jackpot while playing casino slots, choose the machines which have progressive slots. Such slots are connected to the other online casinos. This helps you to really earn a mega-jackpot. This is made possible because all the online casinos which are connected to the progressive slots use the same software. Thus in case a jackpot gets hit, the game gets reset at all the casinos connected by the same software.

And if you are one of those who love trying something different, play a game on any machine with feature slots. Such slots will have a variety of components to make your game interesting. You also get a chance at winning more cash or additional spins. The components which are a part of feature slots are Multipliers, Wilds, Scatters and Bonus rounds. Every slot machine has a computer chip which is known as Random Number Generator (RNG). This generator helps in continuously generating a random series of numbers which will correspond to the game’s winning symbols. Every time a player hits the spin button, the RNG will ensure a totally random result. Thus you will be assured that there is no chance of being cheated of your winnings when you play any type of casino slots at a casino. The RNG helps the whole process to be totally fair.

November results

December 5th, 2010

I’ve got a lot of mixed feelings about the last month. I am starting logging my results because I had been running flat over the last three or so months. The idea was to expose myself and my results so that I would not only play better, but also do a better job of self evaluation. From a purely results oriented standpoint, November was my second best ring game month ever, and more than twice as big as my third best month.

But on the downside, I did a horrible job of actual self evaluation. I did a poor job of tool development, and I can clearly point to three episodes where I knowingly played badly in a poor mental condition, i.e. tilt. Talking about tilt, I start playing there and the full tilt bonus code 2011 has arrived.

Some of my failure here may be correlated to my positive results. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The problem with that is that when it is broke, as it was yesterday, the first instinct is to play through it, and get back to even so you can quit. And when you quit, the last thing you want to think about is how poorly you played. You just want to turn off the poker bouncing around in your brain. It’s not an easy thing to do sometimes.

I’m not sure where to go from here. There is a lot of work yet to be done. On the other hand, I don’t want to come across as some kind of egomaniac braggart — even if that may be closer to the truth than I might like it to be. I also dread the moment when I suddenly stop posting results because that $2K backslide was followed by another $2K backslide, and I lose all the nerve to post such misery. Some people like to whine about how bad they are running. I sometimes even boast about how bad I’ve run, wearing it as a badge of honor. But when you lose big, the last thing you want to do at the end of that day is tell the world.

In the end, this months results are an aberration. They are well out of my expected earn rate. But results this good just don’t last. Some might say I was drawing on all the +EV built up in my equity bank for the last three months. I figure I just got more than a little lucky.

I also don’t see myself being this open about my results over the long haul. On the other hand, it may be exactly this sort of external pressure which not only keeps me honest, but also in line. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next month.

Shannon Elizabeth joins the Merge Network

October 4th, 2010

Carbon Poker of the Merge Gaming Network recently chose Actress Shannon Elizabeth as one of their new sponsored poker professionals.

Shannon Elizabeth is known for playing roles in movies like “American Pie” and “Jack Frost” along with many televisions appearances as well. Shannon Elizabeth feels poker is like here second career so being selected as a sponsored professional for Carbon Poker is a good step in Shannon Elizabeth’s poker career.

Although Shannon Elizabeth played in a couple of roles prior to 1999’s “American Pie”, she reached cult status for here role as the sexy Nadia who made her sex scene in that movie help Shannon Elizabeth become a big name in Hollywood. Shannon Elizabeth has also played roles in movies like “American Pie 2”, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, “Love Actually”, and “The Grand” amongst others.

Shannon Elizabeth’s poker career has not been too shabby either. Shannon Elizabeth took down a celebrity tournament at the Caesar’s Palace in January 2006, for a first prize of $55,000. Shannon Elizabeth beat out 83 celebrities and poker professionals for than win at the Palace.

Elizabeth has also cashed in over 4 events at the 2006 and 2007 World Series of Poker, although she has not been able to reach a deep run in one of the big one. One of Shannon Elizabeth’s most impressive poker performances was in the 2007 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship. Shannon Elizabeth made it past four rounds where she knocked out big time poker professionals like Barry Greenstein and Humberto Brenes. Shannon Elizabeth made it to the semi finals where the eventual champion of the event, Paul Wasicka, knocked her out. Shannon Elizabeth received $125,000 for her performance that day.

The Merge Gaming Network which added Shannon Elizabeth to one of their best poker rooms is also doing other types of additions and growing. The network added Players Only and a site called Now the network has moved up to the number 16th slot as the world’s largest poker room by its size volume at their cash game tables. Besides Carbon Poker who signed Shannon Elizabeth, Merge Network’s rooms include Poker Host, Iron Duke, Poker Nordica, and more.

You can chat with Shannon Elizabeth about poker at Carbon Poker’s blog. Shannon Elizabeth is also planning on doing some poker videos which you might see coming out soon on Carbon Poker. Carbon poker wanted a star and a good poker player and they got just that with the addition of Shannon Elizabeth.