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My recent poker play

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

I do not know what the hell is going on with this game. For some reason I just can’t seem to put together a decent number of sessions for a while. When I started playing this game on the $10 tables I wound up being up almost 20 stacks over about 10K hands.

Then I switched to the $25 tables, which to me don’t really seem like they play all that different. I got up to about 14 stacks there within 5K hands or so, managed to give them all back plus another 4 or 5 stacks on top of it in the next 5K hands. So as it stands right now at the $25 tables I can’t seem to get out of the hole (albeit a small one) I’m in. I have this pet peeve about seeing a negative at the level I am currently playing.

Guess I just have to study and play more, unfortunately there is really not a ton of discussion about Omaha in poker forums. Anyway tonight was another so so session, I played about 600 hands and lost a few bucks. It seemed like every time I won a decent pot I lost another one somewhere else.

Well it was kind of a slow night, not many tables seemed to want to stay together. Plus I am tired and did not feel like playing a ton of hands. Overall it was a decent session, I wound up with about a buy in and a half in 300-ish hands. This was one towards the beginning of the session to get thing off on the right foot. Also a reason I like this game because people will stack off relatively easily. I have got almost 12K hands in at the $25 tables now, along with about 10K hands at the $10 tables. If I do not see something worthwhile by the time I hit 20K hands I think I will go back to what I know best, grinding the limit holdem tables. Looking over my stats I do not think I am playing much different now than when I was playing the $10 tables, the only real difference is I am a tad snugger. However at the $10 tables I am around 17 PTBB/100. At the $25 tables I am still basically even. Well down 4 buy-ins but that’s no big deal. It is about the same if I were to play blackjack online.

Finally I had another break even session. I donked off a stack early on against a maniac. And by some miraculous twist of fate I got all in on the flop with top set later on against a guy for a stack and it held. Everything else in between was just filler. I decided to enjoy winning some hands when all the money went in for a change and call it quits. I probably won’t be playing for the next 2 weeks or so.